Village Requirements

Submit applications to have your village reviewed for official status.
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Village Requirements

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Applying for Village

Please read the following requirements for Village Status and protection. Once you feel you have met all the requirements, create a new thread in this forum to apply. Include in your post:
  • The name of your village
  • The names of your mayor, founders, and member
  • The location of your village (Either coordinates or a map link)
  • Any other information you wish to provide about your village!
An Admin+ will review your application, usually within a few days, and either approve it or let you know what you need to work on. Once you've added or changed what you were asked to work on you may post again in the same application thread to have your village re-checked. (You do not need to wait between village applications, you may reapply as soon as you've finished your work, and you can reapply as many times as you need.)

Village Requirements

Villages get a full protection, and can subzone their plots as they please. (if the village is not cuboid, an Admin+ will be required to assist with subzoning). These are the minimum requirements for Village Status -

•A Village Hall must be built•

Make this an inviting place for people to learn about your village! You may have a location here for a future portal, shops, anything you wish. This is a representation of what your village is or will be! Please label your Village Hall so players are able to identify the build. A Village Hall must also include:

☑ Announcement/News Area
Be creative! Did your village get some new sheep? More plots?

☑ Rules Listed
You may decide your own rules, but server rules already apply by default. Make sure to read the mayors hand book on what you cannot do!

☑ Town Founders Listed
Give some credits to your friends, list all the founders in case people need help with plots and such, and give some credit to members who really helped!

•A Village Center must be built•
A functioning center directs visitors all over the village, be creative! Maps, signs, etc.

☑ Central Location
It doesn't specifically need to be in the EXACT center, but it should be near.

☑ Village Connections
A Village Center must connect all or most parts of the town.

☑ Directions Posted
Help visitors and inhabitants find their way. Directions should include most of your village basics, such as the Village Hall, farms, housing, or other important attractions and amenities.

•A Village Wall must be built•

This wall must fully encompass the village, and be large enough to keep out mobs. *Islands and borders along deep, open water are exempt from requiring a wall, provided that their boundaries are marked. To qualify as an island or open water border, there must be no shallow water.*

☑ Height
All walls must be at least 3 high in ALL areas! Players shouldn't be able to jump over them. If a player can, a mob can.

☑ Lights/Mobs
Keep your walls and fences decently lit and mob free. You can do this with lights or non-spawnable blocks, such as bottom slabs, carpet, or transparent blocks.

☑ Fully Enclosed
Walls must fully encompass the village and be large enough to keep out mobs. This includes all areas you wish your village protection to cover. (For example, floating villages must light and protect the ground below which will also be included in their protection.)

•A Village Farm must be built•

☑ Decently sized
Farms must be at least 10x10.

☑ Variety
Who would eat carrots for days? Have at least 2 types of food for your village.

•Player builds must be built•

These must be finished homes and include at least a basic interior. NOTE: Naturally generated structures do not count as player builds.

☑ At least 3 founder homes

☑ At least 1 member home

•The enclosed area must be well lit and mob free•

☑ Village Lighting
The full area you wish to protect must be reasonably well lit to provide safety from mobs.