Town Requirements

Submit requests for a town status vote for your village
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Town Requirements

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Applying for Town

When you feel you have developed your village to the point where you want to apply for town, you will need to make an application thread in this forum. An Admin+ will then start a vote where staff will have 2 weeks to vote on your application. The voting criteria, and things you should keep in mind when building your town, are as follows:

Town Design (10 points)
How good is the overall design of the town structures? Are there any impressive builds or concepts, or builds or ideas that are unique to this map? Unique or impressive qualifiers should not just be 'nice', but really stand out in their quality or ingenuity. Is there a theme being followed and, if so, how well does it work out? Is the town neat, pleasing to the eye, generally attractive?

Layout and Ease of Movement (10 points)
How well are the roads, plots and builds laid out? Are there clear directions or other means to help you navigate the town? Does the layout make sense for accessibility and usage?

Commodities and Amenities (10 points)
Are there a good variety of resources available? How is the quality of the farms? Are there farms beyond the usual crop and animal farms? How do these resources impact the quality of the town for players living there?

Sustainability (10 points)
Are there enough residential and commercial plots available to sustain a town and allow growth? Are there enough animals and crops for the size of the town? Are other amenities enough that a player does not consistently have to visit other towns for their basic needs? Is the village already active?

Surrounding Area (5 points)
The surrounding area should be well lit to prevent most mob spawn and free of hazards as a minimum. The area around a town must look decent. For high marks here the area should be nicely landscaped and the natural terrain should be properly blended to the town so it doesn't look slapped in place without regard to the surrounding landscape.

Town Wall (5 points)
Are the town wall and gates sufficient to allow players access without letting in all the brain eating zombies? Is the wall pleasing to the eye and in keeping with the town theme? Is it safe? Is it functional?

Each category will be given a score by each staff who votes. This score will be totalled up and compared to a max score based on the number of staff in the vote. A score of 70% must be attained for a Village to receive Town Status. Villages who do not receive Town status will keep their Village protection so that they may continue to improve. Two weeks after failing a vote, you may re-submit an application for Town Status (this assumes that you improved your village during these two weeks). We will start a fresh vote every time you apply.

Town Portals

As of CV 6.0 towns can now design their own portal. The requirements are as follows:

- The interior of the portal in your town can be a maximum of 8x8x3
- The hub portal can be a maximum of 5x6(including floor)x3
- The portal frame can be made of any material, it does not need to be obsidian.
- The portal can be any shape you like.
- The portal must have a back wall.
- It should be obvious to players that it is a portal.
- You can choose up to three player heads of founders (including the mayor) to be part of the portal design.

Town Perks

- Passing Towns (70-79%) will be able to buy a portal for 1,000c.
- Quality Towns (80-89%) will be able to buy a portal for 500c
- Premium Towns (90-100%) receive the following benefits:
  • A free portal from spawn to one location in the town.
  • Biome adjustments for 250c per adjustment. (ie: entire town can be made into a mushroom biome)
Copying Builds

When building, we all draw inspiration from different sources. Sometimes, that source is through sites like Planet Minecraft and YouTube. Other times, we like that source of inspiration so much, we simply copy it. Maybe we change some of the blocks, but the build itself was designed by someone else. Copying builds from elsewhere is perfectly fine, so long as the original builder is credited on a sign in a prominent position on the build.

Using someone else's ideas or even creating identical copies will not negatively impact your score, but not giving credit where it is due might.

Town Revotes

The following guidelines apply to town revotes:
  • Towns that passed under the old categories may apply for a full revote. The new score will be the score of the town going forwards, whether it goes up or down.
  • Towns that passed under the new categories may apply for up to two revotes per category. The new score will be the score for that category going forwards, whether it goes up or down.
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