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Free Skins

Post by Mir07 »

Hello Everyone!!

These days i am just bored in the mornings and i like to make skins if anione need any edit any detail to make or a neew skin just message me :)

If a lot of people just ask 4 one i am going to put them up for sale so it is going to be:

10c Skin Edit
30c All Skin

But now they are free so that is, if you want it for free, hurry up :D

Here you have some examples about skins i made or edited :)
Made all

just edited

maked all, don't made face

i am going to be posting more skins i am going to make in the future :) and list of people that want one
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And replying this post :)
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btw you can also message me to just make your pool skin or your party skin, or a christmas skin etc
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