Looking for someone with a light overlay to light up a large area [UNAVAILABLE]

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Looking for someone with a light overlay to light up a large area [UNAVAILABLE]

Post by 2Loredana »

The title basically says it, heh.

Dia, myself, and a few others have had a WIP village for a bit now and are looking for someone to take us out of our lighting misery and light the rest of this place up.

This is the maplink to the WIP village: http://www.cubeville.org/map/#/5909/64/ ... ille/world We have the land inside of the cobble wall surrounding the area. You can see the start of the wall on the world border and in the desert, and once you spot it, it's pretty easy to see where it encompasses.

We would like specifically for someone who already has a light overlay mod or who has the means to get a light overlay mod to do this job. For one, it'll be easier on the all of us: we'll be able to trust that you lit the area properly, and you won't have to fret too much about lighting it improperly or missing spots. Some areas of land have already been lit up, though not all in one area. Some areas are lit, some others aren't. The desert and the NW corner are mostly lit though. It would probably be best if whoever took the job went through the entire area and checked for lighting problems though.

We're willing to pay up to 300c for the lighting. As some areas are already lit and will just need a onceover, we believe that to be a good amount, but we are open to negotiations if we become aware of it not being a good amount. We will pay 50c upfront, then 250c once the job is done. Preferably we would like for this to be finished in two weeks at the maximum, so half a month. However, if you get it done within a week or less, we'll pay a 50 to 75c bonus depending on the time in which it's done. If it's done within a week, 50c. If it's done within 3-4 days, 75c. These are just rough guesses for amounts and times.

We can provide a little more than 280 stacks of torches, so if you run out you'll have to supply the rest yourself. Hopefully that many torches would be enough though <.<

Please contact 1Loredana in-game, on the forums, on Discord, or in the comments of this post if interested! Please don't ask for the job if you don't have a light overlay mod or the means of getting one. Thank you!
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Re: Looking for someone with a light overlay to light up a large area [UNAVAILABLE]

Post by Tisjstme »

Sorry Lore, I didn't see this as I don't read forums often. I would have helped seeing I have light overlay. I hope you got the job done.
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