[Guide] CV Rank Commands

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[Guide] CV Rank Commands

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All Ranks
/prefix list - Display a list of all prefixes available to you.
/prefix [rank] - Set a prefix for your name in chat.

Service Chain Ranks

Chest Shop Guide
• /me [message] - Makes a global emote-type post beginning with your name.
example of /me used in-game

• /doc list - Lists players online with the DR ability. (Can be used by everyone)
• /doc me - Heals yourself to full health and fills your hunger bar.
• /doc [playername] - Heals the specified player to full health and fills their hunger bar.

• /rp cost - Displays the material(s) required to repair the item you're holding.
• /rp time - Displays the time until you can use your RP ability again.
• /rp - Repairs held tool/armour to max durability.
Note: Items will lose a level on their enchantments when repaired, curses excluded. It costs one of the material a tool is made of for repair, up to a few for armour.
• /level cost - Shows the experience level required to boost enchantments of your held tool.
• /level [enchantment] - Boosts the enchantment of the held tool by one, up to one above normal maximum.

Mining Chain Ranks

• /smelt [on/off] - Causes copper, iron, and gold ores to drop their corresponding ingots as though cooked in a furnace.

Night Stalker:
• /ns [on/off] - Engages Night Vision effect.

Build Chain Ranks

• /mason [on/off] - Converts cobblestone to stone when placed.

Mush Gardener:
• /mush [on/off] - Converts dirt to mycelium when placed.

Brick Layer:
• /brick [on/off] - Converts clay to brick with placed.

Master Carpenter:
• /carp [on/off] - Converts sand to glass and soul sand to obsidian when placed.

Death Chain Ranks

Death Hound:
• /dh list - Lists online Death Hounds and their recharge timers.
• /dh me - Send a maplink and death coordinates to yourself.
• /dh [playername] - Send a maplink and death coordinates to another player.
Note: You cannot see the death location of players your ability is used on, only they can.

Death Master:
• /respawn - Places you alive in the exact location where you died.

Extra & Mini Ranks

• /scuba [on/off] - Allows you to breathe underwater.

Sand to Glass Mini Rank:
• /mr glass - Converts sand to glass when placed.

Soul Sand to Obsidian Mini Rank:
• /mr obsidian - Converts soul sand to obsidian when placed.

Dirt to Mycelium Mini Rank:
• /mr mycelium - Converts dirt to mycelium when placed.
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