Thank you cubeville staff

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Thank you cubeville staff

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Look, We all know that the cv staff are awesome...and that term gets thrown around a lot. But they deserve a lot more than just a message saying "You're awesome" or things as such.

This is why I brought together a few of my friends to make this video for you all. So, I thought words can't express how much I appreciate the cv staff. What's better than making a video drawing every current staff member (and a few retired, we couldn't put all the retired in - SORRY) So, we did. :D

Finished project:

I hope you all like it! :D

The staff here do so much making the community safe and allowing cv to be the wonderful server it

Sorry for the long message,

Have a wonderful day!~
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Re: Thank you cubeville staff

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like I said in the discord channel, this is amazing!!! this is super adorable, and you all did such a good job. thank you so much you all!!! keep up the great work O(≧∇≦)O
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