Cubeville - My Story

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Cubeville - My Story

Post by Lime »

Hey everyone. I wanna share with yall my lovely experience so far on Cubeville and basically my overall story and view.
So, I joined here on a random day, April 4th to be exact, in the football-filled year of 2018. As soon as I joined, everyone was really kind. At that time IRL, I didn't really have many friends and stuff wasn't that good for me. When I joined, having so much kindness almost instantly made my day, well made my year, made my LIFE. Oinkers and SAS, (both mods at the time) helped me settle in and showed me how CVC worked with all the shops etc, and toured me of the server. What I loved - Everything was simple and easy to understand for me. There wasnt like 5 different survival worlds with loads of different stuff in each, everything was direct. Fredi then showed me to an empty spot along east rail... to stop 6 east rail to be exact :p I wondered along to a desert near there and set up my first home with MissPiglyWigly! We lived there for about a week or two before Pigly moved out, and I settled on an area just outside stop 6 east rail. I set up a little cobblestone house there, and gradually built it up and up until it was a cobblestone tower. That was about 3 weeks in to my time on CV. Then, one of my greatest friends of the server, joined. CyclingDragon92. He was new too, and me and him were pretty similar in traits/characteristics. He built a little tower next to mine, then a giant ladder tower up to a watch point on the top. We would joke around with eachother and give gifts to eachother. Every day we would both randomly build an extra bit onto eachothers tower and yea lol. Then, a friend from somewhere else decided to join CV. MalenPlayz to be exact. He had a tiny brick house in between me and Cycling's towers. I had LOADS of floors of my tower empty and I needed some money. So I sold each floor, quite big floors actually, for 1c. Then, I met two other very good friends of mine - MightyBanana99 and foxinsocksNYC. Mighty lived in a little basement, and soon after that, the nubmod himself Zac joined the cubeville server. I offered him a free apartment since he was new, and for a few weeks, zac lived in a floor of my tower - Then... someone who was inactive for quite a long time rejoined CV. His name was lukeaugust1. I had never heard of luke and his building work etc, but my good friend Fox employed him, and luke made this epic little rustic house near my towers. From then on, more were built, but without getting rid of cliffs, slopes, etc. He built around the natural landscape, and thats how Fletchland and my love for architecture and selling things was born.

Okay, lets jump ahead a few months. FL is going great, new districts are popping up like in the desert, etc... Then I meet this person called Namtab99. Nam joins and brings lots of friends from other places with her and me and her build a little village called Chestnut Woods (iirc) in an ice biome. That village still stands today, inactive though. Nam then joined FL, and another large milestone was hit. One friend of hers, WildLanza built a large pyramid maze in Fletchland - and it still remains FL's greatest build. Soon after that, a friend I met called 'Silverstream99' (iirc, again) wanted to see Fl. She thought it was stunning. She lived in a little hut near the end of the north railroad, and eventually sold it on so she could live in FL. She eventually became the financial and environmental leader and founder for FL... and became BlueParakeet. Another person who nam bought along, was 'roseflowergrace', who became Omia, now MayRey. I met others like kerczerny too, who is a good friend of mine.

So... Between this time and around April 2019, a lot of random things happened like many more villages, most official, but nothing substantial.

Then... March 2019 came. I had rejoined CV after a bit of a break where I didnt come on as often as I was coming on before. I wanted a new home and wanted to start a fresh on CV... then I met hylian da one and only gritboii :D! Hylian showed me his village, and I moved in there. It was a beautiful place called ironwood... but most founders were inactive. So I helped hylian build up ironwood and we improved it a lot together...

But there was a second offer, from a new player by the name of 'bahamabucks' and this random guy called 'TigerTown15' (I seriously dont know who those nubs are) and they offered me a place in this little army bunker thing... it was like a spruce house with a throne under it. In the end, they decided to call it... 'Rift Army'. Me, bah, tiger, coldy, mysternub, and many more amazing friends worked together on this project. We build giant bases, nub stuff, and overall, had fun.

(Now, to not cause controversy, I will skip to late 2019/early 2020.)

So basically, this build battle was announced with summer games. Me and two good friends and one of their IRL friends, (2 friends being sam_old_world and MysterNub, then AoC) decided to work together. We didnt expect anything much of it - at the time, none of us were really experienced in the PVP arena sort of style... And we made. Lost oasis. We were like, shocked. We found out that it had come 3rd place in the citizen vote and 1st place in staff vote! And we got the first portal of the player made arena area when it opened!
After that, me and a new friend Mir07 were working together on a place called 'Ebondrift'. It was a little nub town on the water and was a really nice place...
Then comes 2020. Nothing much interesting happened before the creative world soo... ima skip to then.
The creative world came, and so did new forums! This was amazing, and I worked with many people then, but most importantly, a very good friend of mine (Well frenimie lol, we prank eachother and annoy eachother a lot, in a playful way ofc) AllergenX - Or Skelly_Lord. Like RA, I felt part of a community-inside-a-community again - We built a redstone army, and some other cool stuff. We taught eachother how to cook in minecraft, made restaurants, and we LOVED home design and decor, and anything todo with architecture, and I guess thats how the whole Ambercrest thing was formed to its full extent (Which sadly got recently abandoned).

Then nothing much happened until the infamously notorious nether incident, so lets skip til then.

So then came those incidents, which made many players realise that you could grief in the nether - something NOT used for good purposes unfortunately :/. After that, me and a friend called A903706 decided to make an empire roleplay building project in the nether called Ghastenfleet. This went really well and we got support of Rift Army, and eventually fended off the enimies. Then... Magmasian Empire happened. You would have probably heard of this nubby thing in chat so let me explain. As a successor empire to Ghastenfleet, me and A90 decided to make a creative empire, where each plot would be a kingdom ruled over by a baron. Me and A90 took the title as 'Supreme Leaders' or 'The Most Supreme Leadership Of The Imperial Union Of The Supremity Of Magmasia'. Where was the name Magmasia from then hmm? Well, Sia is a suffix lol. Magma relates to our firey past as Ghastenfleet, but Magmasia was peaceful and was brighter. We came to develop whole cities around the creative world - a project still continuing today. And thats basically, my story which I have been writing for over 30 minutes now :D

CV is one of the only few times I have felt truly part of a community. I cant thank you all enough, and especially those like phanku innut and snuke who created a wonder. Somewhere where people could connect - such a tight-knit community. Everyone is friends, when a town is going up for vote everyone knows about it and is cheering the owners on. Its so wonderful to see. And now we come to the staffy bit. One great thing I love about CV staff is they are not only helpful and really considerate, good at sorting out problems etc, but many of them are actually kids/teens themselves. And having staff on the server who are younger really ties together the community - ages from 4 to people in their 70's. And the staff are funny, you can chat to them if you need to talk about stuff. They are so helpful and are wonderful people. They put so much work into the community and they are honestly some of the most generous people I have met. They use their free time to help other people and play an awesome game. And Minecraft is much more than a game. Minecraft is a society, a community. And in my opinion, Cubeville is one of the greatest thing about minecraft.
Thankyou staff, you really deserve it and are amazing people.

I am excited to see what the future holds for CV - I want to stay on this server and connected with it for as long as possible, thats how much you all mean to me.

-A Certain Limabean, Limecat, Fletchling (got the name before the pokemon came out), Melon, Builder, Robot, Creeper, etc etc.
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Re: Cubeville - My Story

Post by bahamabucks »

But there was a second offer, from a new player by the name of 'bahamabucks' and this random guy called 'TigerTown15'
Hmmm.... who could those nubz possibly be...

Glade we could be of service lol and im super glade i met you :D 2020 will have loads in store :D
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Re: Cubeville - My Story

Post by Ethanlues »

Thank you lime for telling the CV Community your amazing story :D
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Re: Cubeville - My Story

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just discovered this :p
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Re: Cubeville - My Story

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What about me? D: (Unicornfarts1599)

(It's fine i just thought we had EXpErieNCes)
I was told there would be pie
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