[Event] Valentine's Island 2021

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[Event] Valentine's Island 2021

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Valentine's Island
Now Open!


Our Valentine's Island is once again open for you to come explore, play, and earn or buy some Valentine's items!
  • Queen's Castle Scavenger Hunt - Speak to the white rabbit NPC Abbey to start this game, you'll need to find 20 'cards' hidden throughout the Queen of Heart's castle. The build and hiding places have been updated, so even if you've played this game in the past, it is a whole new challenge! Find them all and you'll receive a thank you gift. :)
  • Magic Photo Booth - Change the backdrop with the click of a button for all your selfie needs.
  • Cupid's Shop - Cupid is back to sell you some fun Valentine's items: Cupid's Bow is 75c and gives off hearts and pink particles when shot. She is also selling a lovely cupcake for just 25c!
  • Find The Buttons - We have an all new island addition to host this mega picnic party! Speak to the NPC Juliet to 'ride' a butterfly to this oversized Valentine's set. If you clean up all the 'crumbs', Juliet has a little something for you.
  • Love Flume - A decorated boat ride to enjoy by yourself or with a friend.
  • Archery Range - See if you can hit the targets from the farthest point, or challenge a friend to see who can activate them all the fastest! When you've hit your mark, fireworks and particles explode from the targets. :D
  • Parkour Amour - This huge tree parkour offers a 15c reward to those who can complete it! The course has been reworked, so if you've completed it before, expect a new experience. :3

    Collect all the crumbs in the find the button picnic!

    To get to Valentine's Island, head to Spawn and find the entrance to Event Valley near the Skyway portal. Valentine's Island will be open for at least a couple weeks, so don't worry if you can't play today or finish everything at once. Good luck everyone, and we hope you enjoy!

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Re: [Event] Valentine's Island 2021

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one time I accidentally bought a cupcake in cupid’s shop and now i only have 1.11c XD
isnt a founder of anything i have just my WIP small house lolllll i also have a bunch of stuff u could buy
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