Ban Appeal Instructions

If you've been permanently banned from Cubeville, you can find out how to appeal here.
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Ban Appeal Instructions

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The Process for being Unbanned:

- All users are eligible to apply for an unban (provided they have never been unbanned before, see below)

- You may make your appeal by emailing us at

- Provide reasoning for why you deserve to be unbanned, including things the admin who banned you may not have known or perhaps saw differently

- Acknowledge that if unbanned you will abide by all rules and you state you have read the full rules at

- Acknowledge that if unbanned you accept the punishments you will receive as terms of the unban.

- Acknowledge that you will get no second chance. Any further rules violations will result in a permanent ban from the server with no appeal eligibility.

Once you make an appeal, you will need to wait for a response from the SA team. If your appeal is successful, you will be unbanned and may receive the relevant punishment listed below. If your appeal is denied, you will not be unbanned and will be unable to appeal again for a minimum of 1 year (at the SA's discretion this period may be extended indefinitely).
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