CV7: Video Showcase

Announcements relating to the new map
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CV7: Video Showcase

Post by saemai »

🌟 Cubeville Map 7 Showcase 🌟

A huge thank you to Monoshish for putting together this video of sneak peeks and updates for the release of Cubeville's 7th map! We can't wait to see you all there. :D
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Re: CV7: Video Showcase

Post by ZZachary »

So excited! Cannot wait!
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Re: CV7: Video Showcase

Post by Fireheads »

GAHH you peeps are killing me with suspense. Mono.u should go work for disney.
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Re: CV7: Video Showcase

Post by MCG8 »

OMG that looks so so so cool!!!! I'm so excited!!!! :o
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Re: CV7: Video Showcase

Post by breadsticker »

Just... wow, this looks utterly amazing, great job everyone who worked on this!
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Re: CV7: Video Showcase

Post by _Prairie_ »

I can't wait!
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Re: CV7: Video Showcase

Post by DunkinDog »

very hype
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Re: CV7: Video Showcase

Post by Mir07 »


I have no words about that lol, thats osm! Thank you soooooooooooooo much all staff!

I didnt know you all start working on it 1 year before it launches :O

Iam so excited lol, You all are osm.

Also, now, when you see it done, its like, i feel bad because we all cant help on it lol

Thank you all again :^
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Re: CV7: Video Showcase

Post by Tisjstme »

Omg that look AWESOME. Can't wait to see it and try to figure out who built what. I am guessing that I now don't know that to do first..
Just run around checking out the place
or setting up a starter base.
Now I am more confused as to what to do.
Why you do this to me CV?

PS.. and why wasn't I asked to help... Just cause I not staff.. I am still QB (the new queen bee). XD And pretty much the only QB. Cause idk if Tal will ever come back. XD
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Re: CV7: Video Showcase

Post by Monoshish »

Haha thanks for the compliments guys. I'm happy to be able to use my video editing experience to make a video people will actually watch. Can't wait for the release on Sunday!
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