Staff in spawn

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Re: Staff in spawn

Post by MCG8 »

MysterNub wrote:
Mon Jul 27, 2020 7:44 am
The only issue with this is the potential lag it could cause , similar reason to why we don't have the Staff NPC's anymore.
The less lag we have on CV , the more of a chance we can go to spawn or CVC.
I know there would be some lag, but my only argument with this is, we've had player heads for a long time. since before CV4? I mean, how more laggy can spawn get? I already can't get in there unless I quit 10 million times then give up and go through delmar then quit like 2 more times :P
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Re: Staff in spawn

Post by Lime »

I do think the lag is a good point however idk what the lag is like since I have never rlly experienced it :p Anyways it wasn't any more or less laggy rlly with heads so
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Re: Staff in spawn

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Why couldn't the heads be like, in Hub... or like something along that line
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Re: Staff in spawn

Post by Mir07 »

well.. yeah it is a cool idea bah we can have them in another place like the cake jail in the spawn we can have somewhere a portal to this place :)
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Re: Staff in spawn

Post by Willow_Treez »

Yes, I remember those from CV5 I would love them back! :D its kinda like a staff appreciation thing
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