Landmark Requirements

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Landmark Requirements

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•Application Guidelines•
  • Please apply with the name of your Landmark or Arena as the title of your post.
  • Post the coordinates of your build and requested portal location if applicable.
  • If possible, try to add screenshots of your build in your request.
  • An admin will start an official vote in which smods and above will vote on each category (listed below under guidelines).
  • Please allow approximately two weeks for voting.
  • Once the vote is closed you will be given the overall percentage score your landmark or arena received. The pass rates and associated perks are listed under guidelines below.
  • After applying for Landmark status and getting denied, you will not be allowed to apply again for two weeks.
•Landmark Guidelines•
  • Uniqueness: How unique is your build in comparison to other landmarks?
  • Ingenuity: How well did you make use of the blocks that you chose to build with?
  • Timelessness: Will your build last on the server or is it decent enough to be remembered by our citizens?
*Landmark Note - Size isn't everything, but it helps.

Your build must receive an 80% or higher total in order to receive landmark status and a portal.

•Spleef Arena Guidelines•
  • Uniqueness: How unique your spleef arena in relation to others on the server? Are there special types of spleef you could play?
  • Arena Setup: Is their a good size spleef area? Are their clear rules posted? Is there a good way for the spleef operator to control the game?
  • Stands & Surrounding Area: Are there decent stands and viewing areas? Can spectators watch easily? Does the surrounding area look nice?
*Material Supply Note - It might be a good idea to have donation chests set up, or get a shop sponsoring the arena to have a readily available supply of materials.

Your build must receive a 70% or higher total to receive [Arena] status and a protection or 80% or higher to receive [Diamond Arena] status and a portal.

•Landmark Portals•

As of CV6 landmarks can now design their own portal. The requirements are as follows:

- The interior of the portal at your landmark can be a maximum of 8x8x3
- The hub portal can be a maximum of 5x6(including floor)x3
- The portal frame can be made of any material, it does not need to be obsidian.
- The portal can be any shape you like.
- The portal must have a back wall.
- It should be obvious to players that it is a portal.
- You can choose up to three player heads of builders/helpers to be part of the portal design.
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